Saturday, April 16, 2011


Very few people actually know me, and even the handfull who might don't know this:  I actively participate in  letting my voice be heard for a number of causes that matter to me.  Animal and environmental protection are just two of these causes, and today I was (once again) astonished at the stupidity of mankind as a whole. 
We have the nerve to look down at birds because they "foul their own nests", and we... don't?  Oh Brother.
...And Sister, and Father, and Mother!  All of you!  As my lovely imaginary Chinese room-mate would say, "Please now to see the big picture!" 

Today I wrote the following as an addendum to a pre-written letter addressed to my government representatives.  Apparently, Gray Wolves slipped through the cracks in some dunderhead's proposed legislation.  They are on the list of protected endangered species - what could possibly be gained by taking them off?  They are still endangered - isn't that the point?  How much sharper does the point have to be for the dull among us to get it?


Again?  Not again... what don't people get about "for every action there is a reaction"?  If it takes much longer for us to figure out that every time we kill something that's supposed to be here, we kill ourselves, then we will indeed succeed in killing ourselves.  Where are your children going to live once you have destroyed this planet and everything good on it?  If you don't believe an individual species is important, you have never seen the big picture. Short-sightedness is it's own punishment.  Stop it! 

Alas, I fear that the old adage, "A word, to the wise, is sufficient." will hold true once again.  Whether the word is sufficient or not depends on the one who hears it being wise.


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  1. None so deaf as those who do not listen.
    Just have to hope for the best in today's crazy world where sometimes it seems as though the patients are in charge of the asylum.