Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I just read an entry in my friend Joyce's blog. ( )
And I wonder all over again if I'm alone in the world?  Me and Joyce, that is...
Here's her blog entry, followed by a piece I wrote in November of 2008.
January 3, 2011
Note to Youngest Niece: It’s “literally.” And that book that you can look up words is a “dictionary.” These college freshmen! What can you do?!

" anybody out there?"   - other than Joyce, Pink Floyd, and me?   


Snippets of e-mail dance through my head, 
...spell check won’t say “are” is “our” instead.
What is the difference between “than” and “then”?
...does anyone know the meaning of “ken”?

I truly believe in freedom of speech!
...but who can be free when no-one can teach?
Are we content to just say “dumb” is “fine”?
...powerful words, but they are not mine.

I sit alone, mourning Literacy -
And I do not mean ‘a time of day’.
In the evening it’s still that way -
Ignorance bolstered by idiocy.

I’m never going to get a love letter
...that holds a candle – mine were better.
Must I give up on correct punctuation?
...settling instead for crude solicitation?

Words are wings on which thought can take flight;
...isn’t that worth enough to write them “right”?
Rock-n-roll taught us to sing “yeah, yeah, yeah”,
...but not how to spell it, I’m sorry to say.

            I sit alone, mourning Literacy.
            You want to look like an idiot?
            Then just keep on being illiterate!
            Pay no attention to people like me -
            who sit alone, mourning Literacy.

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